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The Bass Cat Family

At Bass Cat, everything they do is dedicated to providing you with a superior product that will last through your years of ownership.  While other companies are cutting corners to save a buck, they are paying attention to the little things that sets them apart from the rest.
The Lynx
The wide hull and deep bow rise provides a rock solid platform for fishing or running. If you’ve always wanted a Bass Cat with room to spare in every way that crushes rough water, the Lynx can fill that dream.
The Eyra
Wow! This is all some say when they see the beauty in the lines of the new Eyra. This model has earned the name as an award-winning bass boat with styling that is quite unconventional. The Eyra is truly a work of art!
The Pantera Classic
The Pantera Classic will open doors to the segment of anglers demanding total performance in a value-conscious package. The primary design objective of the new Pantera Classic was to achieve all-around efficiency. As many anglers are gravitating to rigs with a smaller footprint for ease of towing and storage, the new Classic is designed to meet that demand.
The Cougar Advantage
The Bass Cat Cougar Advantage just might be the most economical 20' Tournament Bass Boat on the market! The Advantage has less bells and whistles than the Cougar FTD, yet maintains a wonderful rid and stability.
The Margay
The new Margay was built with a price tag and construction technique no other competitor can touch. It will handle any task with ease and give you the safety, ride and function at a price others work hard to beat.
The Sabre
This Sabre is truly fun to drive, a quick throttle response will keep you in the fast lane right from the instantaneous "hole shot". Plus, this Sabre handles like a dream.... you are always in control, and it will take a turn smoothly, no hopping or skipping.
The Caracal
The Caracal name is a throwback from the 1980's and 90's hot rod version (17') that dominated performance on the 1990's Top 100 Tour. The heritage of the name is what they preserve in this shorter big body hull, drawing a new base to the Bass Cat name.
The Jaguar
The Jaguar is the only boat for those who share the passion to own the best! It is a pick-your-poison-do-it-all rig that exudes luxury with a ride unparalleled. It truly is the last boat many will ever own.
The Puma
The redesigned Puma FTA stretches out with the lates revision in today's popular model. Performance expectations of the Bass Cat 'Family' are lofty and they have accomplished that with more than just a growl in the throaty bass rig.
The Pantera II
Bass Cat's Pantera II model carries on the tradition with the new rounded stripe and a very sleek console. Bass Cat has built more Pantera IIs than any other model in the company's history.
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The Yar-Craft Family

219TFX 2020.jpg

219 TFX

The 2020 Model 219 TFX, is a wave-crushing giant that will set the standard for ride, comfort, performance and fishability for multi-species anglers everywhere. It’s rated for up to a 400 HP engine, carries 60 gallons of fuel, and will handle anything any lake can throw at it. 

Celebrating 50 Years and still winning awards!

2095 BTX

The 2095 BTX is a boat that works for all anglers and the option of tiller and steering wheel versions offer just that. This is an outside the box design of the new backtroller.

You won't regret this AWARD WINNER!


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