It's Wednesday Walk Through - The Yar-Craft 186 TFX

Most anglers are surprised this particular hull isn’t twenty feet. The 186TFX fishes like much longer hulls. It offers several economical advantages, without sacrificing big water fishability. Our smart floor plan maximises a wide trolling cockpit, with plenty of room for your guests to move about.

Quick access to bait, tackle, rods, and controls can all be found in the cockpit. The same removable console door system found on the larger boats are also standard on this boat, giving you plenty of storage for any situation.

The legendary Yar-Craft hull takes on rough water with a signature ride and style you will only find when running a Yar-Craft. Smooth turns, a snappy hole shot, and a dry ride that other 18 footers envy are characteristics one will feel in this boat.

On day one of the big tournament, or day three of a long weekend, you can be confident your 186TFX will help you make the most of your time on the water!

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