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Our Bass Cat Ambassadors are some of the best in the world!  Here they share why they choose to run in a Bass Cat Boat.

Best affordable bass boat I have ever been in by far. 👍👍👍

Louie Wardini

Syndey, NSW

The Bass Cat 2017 Eyra - The greatest fish catching machine I have ever stepped foot in.

The Pantera 2 ride is unbelievable. The rougher it is, the better it goes. It is a great boat! There is plenty of storage for your tackle, rods and more. There is easy access to the batteries and pumps and the live wells are well set up. You cannot fault the support that you get from Basscat Australia. Basscat has really done their homework on this boat.

Mal Draper

Singleton, NSW

I am extremely happy with my Basscat Cougar Advantage Elite.  The setup and the deck layout suits the way I like to fish and everywhere you look there is storage, storage, storage!  It has the most storage space out of any other boat I have owned.  Access to mechanical components such as live well pumps, batteries is never a hassle with the design ensuring ease of access.  The finish, both inside and out, of the the boat is an extremely high standard.  The design of the trailer suits both fresh water or saltwater use and it tows like a dream.  From it's stable platform to fish from and it's smooth ride I  have never felt more comfortable and safe while travelling at speed in the Cougar.  It is not until you get into one of these boats that you realise how far Bass Cat Boats have come with the design and handling and I could not see myself in anything other than a Bass Cat.  Do yourself a favour and 'Feel the Rush' of a Bass Cat before you purchase anything else!

Michael Thompson

Stanthorpe, Qld Australia

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We believe in our product, but let us hear from some of the 'Lew's Crew' themselves.

Have been using this reel for about 18 months now. Has cast lures up to 400 grams but mainly around 250-300 and has handled it with ease. Never been looked after and never maintained and still quiet as the day I got it and still casts as smooth. I was a shimano only user until I gave these a run! Well worth putting on your favourite rods.

Sean - March 2019

Melbourne Australia

Decided to introduce my 8yr old son to baitcaster fishing. After plenty of research i found this reel. 2nd cast by my son resulted in a great yellowbelly winning him a junior competition! The reel is smooth, lightweight and perfect for anyone, young or old!

Dean - May 2019

Melbourne Australia

Sensational reel, I’d heard good things about these reels and wasn’t disappointed, so comfortable to cast, so smooth and casts long and effortlessly every time with more stopping power than a Bugatti Veyron. Would definitely like to add some more to my collection thanks guys!

Tim - May 2019

Melbourne Australia

I've been putting the Lew's reels through their paces the last few months and I must say, I'm very impressed. I can not fault these reels thus far. They are light weight super comfy in the hand for those long days on the water. There is a reel to suit every budget in their massive range. Another thing I like about these reels is the many different ratios. Going from 5.1:1 (21") for rolling spinnerbaits all the way to 8:1 (35") my favourite for fishing a football jig and getting that line back on the reel quickly. With the always changing techniques in Australia, Lew's have it all covered.

Mitchell Cone

Tamworth, NSW Australia

Since I have been using Lew's Reels I have been blown away by the smoothness and cast ability of these reels. Some would say all brand new reels feel this way but after giving them a really hard work out they still feel great. As an angler it gives me great confidence in a product when guys like Jason Christie in the States use these reels.  These guys are at the most elite level of bass fishing.  It is not just a weekend sport for them, it is their jobs and their livelyhood depends on it.  Check out these great products as you won't be disappointed!

Joey Urquhart

Gold Coast QLD Australia

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